about ReadyClickAndGo

ReadyClickAndGo was founded in 2008 to give travellers the opportunity to create individual day tours according to what they wanted rather than what was commonly available. As travel industry professionals responsible for setting up series of long-haul cultural tours for major tour operators, we ourselves always travelled with a guide, car and driver to see absolutely every attraction and experience at our own pace at our destination, so that we could choose what suited our clients the best – as opposed to simply offering them what every other tour operator did.
Book just one day tour as a treat, or between business meetings or a whole sequence if you are staying longer and fancy being shown around by an experienced and knowledgeable local guide who of course knows the place like the back of their hand. Your guide will tell you all about the places you see – a little history, why things are the way they are, how people live and work, they will give you shopping tips and generally make sure that you get the most out of your sightseeing tour with the minimum effort on your part.
We are part of the revolution that the internet has brought about in travel – now people are more likely to create individual holidays according to their own preferences rather than buy into the pre-packaged mass market. It’s easy to book hotels and flights on the internet – but what do you do when you get there? That’s where we come in. We specialise in Asia and Eastern Europe – Tara has visited China more than 20 times and is of central-European descent – as we know these regions from top to toe from our combined 35 years in the travel industry.

ReadyClickAndGo’s Mission

Our mission is to show each destination at its best – the greatest highlights but with something extra too. For example, in St Petersburg you can gasp at the magnificent Catherine Palace along with thousands of other people around you – but we will then take you to the Alexander Palace nearby to see where the last Tsar and his family actually lived - it’s totally different.
Take a look at the travel experiences and day tours we offer – do you fancy cuddling pandas or sleeping on the Great Wall of China? Would you like to see the Taj Mahal? Do you love the quaint old towns of central Europe with their churches and fortresses, the vineyards and green hills? We can arrange walking tours, bicycle tours, tours by tuk-tuk or public transport, all customized to suit your schedule and interests.
So if you need friendly, impartial advice on what to see and do at your destination in Asia or Eastern Europe do let us know, by emailing Tara@ReadyClickAndGo.com and we will be happy to help!

We promise you 
  • a  secure website – your details are safe
  • a  fast and efficient response to your enquiry
  • professional and reputable suppliers and services
  • we  are a UK-registered company
  • everything  listed in the tour description is included in the price – transport as described (i.e. either by car, on foot, bicycle or tickets on public  transport), lunch, entrance fees, services of a local guide. You don’t  need to pay anything else – except perhaps a tip for your guide and driver if you feel they have worked well for you
  • no  charge if you have to cancel up to a week before your tour, and just 30%  charge if you cancel between 7 and 4 days beforehand (100% cancellation  charge if it’s just 3 days or less before your tour)
  • no   junk mail – we do not sell your contact details to any third party to  bombard you with advertising!

Ready to enjoy your private day trip?
Email us at Tara@ReadyClickAndGo.com or visit our website for a range of day tours www.ReadyClickAndGo.com